Empathy Supper.
May 2019

“Innovative Indonesian (this edition also with Mexican Twist and Icelandic Magic!) pop-up supper, Natural Wine, and Performing Art”

Sunday, May 5th 2019
Weserstrasse 189, Berlin Neukoelln
Host: Motif Wein & Soydivision
Guest Artist: Borghildur Indriðadóttir

Opening act by Tomy Herserta&Alexandramolly

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Empathy supper is a occasionally cooking celebration, curated by soydivision. The Supper manifest itself to be a catalyst of empathy and compassion, through culinary experience and artistic expression.

What to expect : 5 course Dinner  mostly inspired by Indonesian cuisine (with east asian, mediterranean, and west european twist). .

There will always be one host and one guest artist in each episode. Host means the event is located in their house/venue. Guest artist means he/she will present or exhibit their work during or after the dinner.

Limited to 20pax

Suggested donation :
Food 35€ (5 courses). 
+Wine bundling (optional) 50€ (Food and 3 glasses of very special selection of Motif's favorite bottles! +Welcoming Sparkling, or order it per glass :)

About the Performance
“Lets fly direction summer for the upcoming performance “Echobeings” at the next Empathy Supper, performative part 2/3. The voice from my recent past will join us in this ritualistic unravelment of threads. The Icelandic highlands can quickly transform and so will this bird. - Borghildur Indriðadóttir

Echobeings teaser from Borghildur Indriðadóttir on Vimeo.

About the artist
Borghildur Indriðadóttir was born in Iceland and grew up in Berlin. B.A from Iceland Academy of the Arts and M.A. in architecture from the Universitat der Künste in Berlin. Borghildur used to work at Studio Olafur Eliasson. She now works on her solo projects directing and dealing with space, combining research on social structures, ecosystem and architecture through theatric and cinematic elements where performance, sound and atmosphere become a vital part of the installation often set within the public sphere. Her recent project Demoncrazy - Drosophila, that was censored by Facebook was part of the Icelandic Arts Festival in 2018. Her upcoming project with Terminal Exhibitions will launch in collaboration with ESA in August.

Tomy Herseta is an Indonesian designer and electronic musician based in Utrecht. He earned his bachelor degree in interior design from Bandung Institute of Technology and currently studying master in scenography at HKU Utrecht.

Alexandra Molly is a product designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. She obtained her degree in product design from the same university with Tomy.

They are recently working together for their upcoming EP. They have been working for the project within different time and location since the past few months. Their work is a combination between ambient, cinematic, and pop music. They will be playing an improvisation set based on their recent materials and from Tomy's previous materials.


RSVP NOW  ariel@soydivision.berlin!