Empathy Supper.
June 2019

“Progressive Indonesian pop-up supper, Natural Wine, and Performing Art”

Sunday, June 2nd 2019
Supper start at 19:30
Bravo at KW 
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin
Host: Bon Bock, Bravo at KWMotif Wein & Soydivision
Guest Artist: Borghildur Indriðadóttir , also  featuring : Ravenative&GHALIZ (Sound Annihilation), Nindya Nareswari (Lights and Objects), Ossios&Jan K (Tunes Selector)

All pictures by Olivia Kwok

M  E  N  U


----- Soya crackers, vegan garlic chips, and banana chips


Scallops and Shrimps ( in aguachile „Sinaloa“ style by Ossi)

----- Scallops and shrimps bathed in a fiery solution of lime and fresh green chile,

cucumber and red onion. The rolls Royce of the ceviche :)

----- Fruits substitute for vegan version.


T E M P E _ MENDOAN! by Jan K

----- Thin -  Wide Bayumas Style Tempe with fresh local vegetables topping (vegan)

Refrain  01

Ayam Pop Bukit Tinggi by Ariel Orah

----- White pale Minangkabau style chicken boiled in coconut water. 

----- Aubergine substitute for vegan version.

Refrain 02

Sop Buntut Bakar by Ariel Orah

----- Javanese Ox-tail grilled soup.

----- Oyster Mushroom for vegan version.


Jongjorong Pasundan! By Nindya Nareswari

----- Vegan Signature dessert from Banten : rice flour, cocos milk, palm sugar, pumkin.

About the Performance
“In the specific order of things this choreographic currency was never intended to play out like this, but lets say it does and it does. So, falling off the grid and participating after centuries apart, we welcome Echobeing 20901. In Wasteland we continue to reflect on the challenges we are facing in a new breath of field. So prepare to be utilised - prepare to be revitalised. 🥶
Come! Join us in our mental theft and recollection in my last part of the Empathy Supper hosted by Motif at KW, Auguststrasse 69 with KW BRAVO: Subliminal Scarcity, performance installation by Borghildur Indriðadóttir and lightdesign by Nina Nareswari @nnareswari Soundscape in collaboration with @ravenative @ossiossios @emperorsslaves Setting up and 3D @jan_k
More info on website soon: indridadottir.is” - Borghildur Indriðadóttir

About the artist
Borghildur finished her bachelor stududies in 2009 in the Iceland Art Academy. Thereafter she studied at the AHK Amsterdam and obtained her M.A. in architecture from the Universität der Künste in Berlin, Germany. Directing and dealing with space, combining research on social structures, ecosystem and architecture through theatric and cinematic elements where performance, sound and atmosphere become a vital part of the installation often set within the public sphere. Formerly employed at Studio Olafur Eliasson, she has collaborated with various artists and directors in creating performances and installations. Her recent project Demoncrazy - Drosophila, that was censored by Facebook was part of the Icelandic Arts Festival in 2018. She is currently developing Terminal Exhibitions in collaboration with ESA and Universität der Künste in Berlin.