Empathy Supper.
August 2019


“Progressive Indonesian pop-up supper, Natural Wine, and Performing Art”

Saturday, August 10th 2019
Supper start at 19:30
Final Performance at 21:30 (Open for Public who not intended to join the dinner, donation applied)
Ikonic Studio , Glasower Str. 44-47, 12051 Berlin
Host: Ikonic Studio, Motif Wein & Soydivision
Guest Artist: Don Aretino


Empathy Supper is a monthly cooking celebration curated by the Berlin-based Indonesian culinary and art collective “Soydivision”. It is a 5-course supper serving modern Indonesian cuisine that integrates storytelling mirroring the bond between the progressive cultural movement of Indonesia with the heritage formed by the myriad local traditions and the diverse foreign influence brought about by Indonesia’s centuries old role as a trading hub. At the end of every edition, at least one guest artist will perform, often drawing inspiration from current global and local events. The Supper aims to be a catalyst for empathy and compassion, through culinary experience and performative artistic expression. Each and every edition has a theme and features different performing artists.

Limited to 30pax
Suggested donation :
- Food : 40€ (5 courses).
- Plus Wine bundling (optional) : 55€ (Food and 3 glasses of very special selection of Motif's favorite bottles! +Welcoming Sparkling, or order it per glass :)

- We always have vegan/vegetarian option, but please let us know in advance!
- Final performance will be also open for public who are not intended to attend the dinner (from 21:00, free entry but extra donation 2€ on your first drink for the performance)

About the Performance

We are thrilled to have the second Empathy Supper Trilogy this year! This time we will have Don Aretino as our highlight artist for the next 3 Empathy Supper series. Don Aretino is an Indonesian-born, Berlin-based fashion designer and multimedia artist who explores his identity as a gay Muslim through his collections.  For his trilogy performances in Empathy Supper, he will gather various narrative from his previous collections such: “Halal”, “Insular”, “Primer”, and “Don’t drop the soap”. On each supper, he will curate some performative actions together with our soydivision residents and other future collaborators (TBA). The official description of each performance will be released anytime soon.

Meanwhile, these are some glimpse of his four works that will be incorporated to his Empathy Supper Trilogy. All summary taken from his latest interview with freundevonfreunden.com (all right reserved), read the whole interview here: https://www.freundevonfreunden.com/interviews/berlin-don-aretino/

HALAL (2018)

“In Islam there are certain parts of the body that are Haram, which means something you are not allowed to show. Conversely, something that is Halal is something that is permitted,” Aretino explains. “For men, the Haram part is between his belly button and his knees. So with Halal, I decided to subvert the rule by exposing this part of the body.”


Similar themes resonate through Aretino’s other collections, which Probandt proceeds to dress up in, emerging in an outfit from an earlier collection titled Don’t Drop the Soap. Taking its inspiration from an article by Berkeley anthropologist Alan Dundes in which he lenses American football as a homoerotic rite, the collection explores the notion of sports locker rooms as platforms for homoeroticism”
INSULAR (2019)

“The last outfit that Probandt emerges in is from Aretino’s latest collection Insular, which explores the theme of xenophobia. “Halal showcased my perspective of being gay in the Islamic world, so in Insular I decided to make a collection about my parents’ perspective on this subject,” he explains. In order to reflect his mum and dad’s unfamiliarity with homosexuality, Aretino used materials he hadn’t worked with before such as sequins, fur “and fabrics not usually used for menswear like lace and pearls.” By mixing them all together, he hoped to make garments that were very “flashy, invasive, and exaggerated”, illustrating how skeptical outsiders may perceive the gay community”
PRIMER (2019)

“Primer, his self-produced film which was recently screened at Trauma Bar. Created in collaboration with Berlin-based interdisciplinary duo Crosslucid—who have worked with the likes of Nike and digital artist Sam Rolfes— Primer combines views of garments from Insular with found footage, and a text by Ion Dumitrescu which explores the concept of ‘hybrid nomads’, and questions what society would be like if being non-binary was the norm”

Visual glimpse of his collaboration with non-binary artist Mikey Wood:

About the artist
Indonesian – born, Berlin-based designer Don Aretino has been working for brands, such as SADAK & House of Malakai throughout his studies. This helps him to gain the experience across multiple projects, including as a costume designer and working on seasonal collections. Aretino’s works consistently references the interconnection between religion, same-sex desire, and social analysis. He creates these narratives through bold collections that are intended to discomfort and creating a counter argument to an existing norm.His works has been featured in various editorials and magazines, such as Dazed Digital, Fucking Young!, Sleek, FGUK, OE Magazine, Vision China and L’officiel Indonesia.

About the host
The Ikonic rent photo studio in Berlin is located in an old factory building in the creative district of Neukölln. The loft is the location for photo shoots & video productions or for events, meetings, and workshops. In our office, we create synergies between creatives in the fields of design, architecture, photography and fashion. We are a Collective with Makerspace, photostudio, Fashion studio and a Caferacer workshop. As a crossover between digital and analog, the studio is perfect for smaller startups, photographers, and freelancers, in a creative community.