Empathy Supper.

                                                                 “performative art and culinary experience”

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We believe that eating culture goes beyond nutrition and alleviating hunger. Food serving and sharing, to our knowledge is a social component facilitating interpersonal interaction, and hopefully also facilitate sequences of understanding and react correspondingly to the emotions of others (read:empathy).

Empathy Supper at Kunst Werke - KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin (2019)

Empathy Supper April 019 at Motifwein Berlin (2019)

Empathy Supper is a performative event incorporating art and culinary experience taking place every two months in different venues in Berlin with the goal of provoking a discussion about the exploration and expression of identity. Every edition features a collaboration with a focus artist from different discipline and background which results in unconventional, unforeseeable, always-changing performances. Soydivision Berlin aims to explore all possible permutations; mixing, matching, amplifying, reducing in a performative as well as culinary context, ultimately translating their events into an interface for experimentations in the hope that it will help make sense of the environment we live in.

The Supper aims to be a catalyst for empathy and compassion, through culinary experience and performative artistic expression.

Empathy Supper x Soy & Synth 05 at Masagi Bandung (2018)

Empathy Supper at Altendorfer Studio Berlin (2017)

Empathy Supper at Kunst Werke - KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin (2019)